Open Mind Map

Imagine a global mind map something similar to what Open Street Map does for streets, does for thoughts and minds.

The author is available for Node-RED development and consultancy.


Mind maps are visualisations of our filter bubbles that create our information bubbles. Escape comes from seeing a path out. But how to find a path if one is trapped in ones bubble? Open your mind, open your mind map!

More details on the project and contact here.

More technical details on this are available at the blog. what’s with the domain?

This whole experience began with the idea of creating a global mind map for exploding personal filter bubbles. I had the idea of using Node-RED as a mind-map tool. If you see Node-RED as a drawing program for connecting rectanges and via lines, you can see the mind map association!

Having created my mind map, I realised that I had created a visual representation of my filter bubble and began thinking about the white spaces around the nodes. I realised that a mind map is not a street map - a street map shows you all the streets you don’t know, a mind map shows you just the thoughts that you already had/have. I wish to change that and decided to create - the name being from Open Street Map.

Open mind map is the intention of having a global mind map whereby I can expand my mind map by crossing over to other peoples mind maps, thought for thought, idea for idea. I imagine something like this page where by zooming out (simulated by a slider), other mind maps come into view. These can then be explored, exploding filter bubbles in the process.

If you find the idea interesting and what to help/copy/steal the idea, please do tell me.

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The author is available for Node-RED development and consultancy.